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Business IT Solutions provides customized IT systems and solutions for businesses. With the myriad of platforms & IT infrastructure available in hardware, software, and cloud offerings with new platforms arising all the time, selecting the right tech for your business can be a daunting task. BITS tailors technology to your business' needs, plan, and budget.

Streamline Your Workflow

BITS designs, develops, and implements cost-effective technology solutions while keeping your business goals and processes in focus.

Automate & organizeyour business workflow

BITS provides the best course(s) of action for your business providing you with best in class IT services & support when and where you need them.

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Streamline your business model with the right tech

Launching an efficient and scalable CRM or e-commerce platform quickly and affordably is key for many modern start-ups and existing businesses alike looking to update their business processes.

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Business IT Solutions

Whether you’re building a welcome mat for your new SaaS or SAN or replacing your E-commerce platform or even replacing your entire CRM or ERP, Business IT Solutions has your system design needs covered. 

  1. Choosing a platform for your needs

    We ensure the best products are selected for your needs. Business IT Solutions IT Consulting gives you access to a full-fledgedIT department when you need it.

  2. Customized solutions for your business

    Make sure you are choosing the best cloud or software platforms and even tailor systems to your needs. Cost effective decision making for everything IT.

  3. Cloud based IT

    Hire your IT Department by the hour, day, month or more. Some of ourcustomers opt for a service contract with BITS finding our service and support an indelible value while others simply hire us for an hour or three whenever we help make a crucial corporate decision such a selection the appropriate IT product for their needs or choosing a CRM for their type of business.

“The possibilities are endless and choosing the best solutions for your business is key. Navigating open source platforms to paid softare products and other cloud based services can be overwhelming. BITS consulting ensure success navigating todays technology.”
Mark Sentinel

BITS IT Consultant